1:200 Scale Lockheed L-1011 RB-211-524B4 Engines



1:100 Scale DC-8-71/73 Engines

US CUSTOMERS $30.00  CM100-DC8E-71/72 


1:72 Scale JT3C-11/12 Engines for the B707

For the 1:72 Scale Heller or the ATM 707
Part Numbers:

US Customers $39.50  CM72-707JT3C-ALL

International Customers $39.50 CM72-707JT3C-ALL-INTL

1:72 Scale JT3C-6 Engines for the B720

For the 1:72 Scale Heller 707 or the ATM 707
Part Numbers:

US Customers $39.50 CM72-720JT3C-6

International Customers $39.50 CM72-720JT3C-6-INTL

1:144 Scale 707 JT3D-Q Engines

Part Numbers:

US Customers $25.00 CM44-707Q

International Customers $25.00 SM44-707Q

1:100 Scale 747 JT9D-7 Series Engines w/T.E.Drag Fairing

Part Numbers:
US Customers $39.50  CM100-747JT9D-7

International Customers $39.50  CM100-747JT9D-7-INTL

1:100 Scale 747-200 Rolls Royce
RB211-524 Engines

These engines are for use with the Entex, Nitto, or Doyusha Kits

For a set of 4 engines

Part Numbers:

US Customers $39.50 CM100-RR-747 

International Customers $39.50 CM100-RR-747-INTL

1:100 Scale L1011 Tristar Rolls Royce RB211-22B Engines
These engines are for use with the Entex, Nitto, or Doyusha Kit Set includes 2 Engines and 3 Hot Sections
Part Numbers:

US Customers $25.50 CM100-RR-L1011

International Customers $25.50 CM100-RR-L1011-INTL

1:72 Scale KC-135R CFM56 Engines

Part Numbers:
US Customers $39.50 CM72-135R CFM56

International Customers $39.50 CM72 135R-CFM56-INTL

1:144 Scale B52H Engines
Part Numbers:
US Customers $25.00 CM44-B52H

International Customers $25.00 CM44-B52H

1:144 Scale 727 Valsan Conversion Engines

Set of 2 engines and fan sections & winglets

Part Numbers:

US Customers $18.00 CM44- 727-Valsan

International Customers $18.00 CM44-727-Valsan-INTL

These are engines to update the F-Resin or Microscale Kit.
Part Numbers:

US Customers  $25.00 CM44-990E  

International Customers $25.00 CM44-990E–INTL 


1:72 Scale Constellation Engines
Part Numbers:

US Customers $25.00 CM72-Con-L-1049


International Customers $25.00 CM72-Con-L-1049–INTL

1:144 Scale GE-90-115B Engines

These are engines to update the Minicraft 777 kit.
These GE90-115B's are used on the following 777's: 777-200LR, 777-300ER and 777-200F

Part Numbers:

US Customers  $25.00 CM44-GE90115B


International Customers  $25.00 CM44-GE90115B –INTL 

1:100 Scale 737-200 Engines 

Designed to fit on the
1/100 Scale Doyusha 737-200

Part numbers:
US Customers
$20.00 CM10-737-JT8 

International Customers  $20.00 CM10-737-JT8 –INTL

1:72 Scale 737-200 Engines 
Designed to fit on the
1/72 Scale Aurora - Monogram 737-200

Part Numbers:
US Customers  $26.00 CM72-737-JT8

International Customers  $26.00 CM72-737-JT8–INTL

1:100 Scale DC-8-50 Series DC-8-61 Engines

Set of four DC-8-50/61 engines to fit the Doyusha - Nitto kit

Part Numbers:

US Customers
$35.00 CM100-DC8-50E

International Customers $35.00 CM100-DC8-50E –INTL

1:100 Scale DC-8-62/63 Series Engines

Improved inlet and exhaust

Part Numbers: 

US Customers 
$12.00 CM100-JT8-NIP 

International Customers $12.00 CM100-JT8-NIP–INTL

1:144 Scale E-3A or E-6A/B Engines

Set of four CFM56 engines to use on the E-3 AWACS

Part Numbers:

US Customers $20.00 CM44E3-CFM 

International Customers $20.00 CM44E3-CFM–INTL 

Scale CFM56 Engines with Reversers Deployed

Set of two CFM56A/B engines

Part Numbers:

US Customers  $16.00 CM44-CFM56A/B-RV  

International Customers $16.00 CM44E3-CFM56A/B-RV–INTL 

1:144 Scale Airbus V2500 Engines with Reversers Deployed

Part Numbers:

US Customers $16.00 CM44-A3N-V2500RV 

International Customers $16.00 CM44-A3N-V2500RV –INTL

1:144 Scale JT8D Engines for DC9's

Set of two JT8D engines for DC-9-10/-20/-30/-40 or -50's

Part Numbers:

US Customers $16.00 CM44-DC-9-E

International Customers $16.00 CM44-DC-9-E –INTL


1:72 Scale JT8D DC-9 Engines

Set of two JT8D engines for DC-9-10/-20/-30/-40 or -50's

Part Numbers:

US Customers $26.00 CM72-DC-9-E 

International Customers $26.00 CM72-DC-9-E –INTL

1:144 Scale 737NG Engines

These resin-molded engines replace the ones in the 1/144 scale Revell kit.
Please note the more prototypical shape of the cowling.

Part Number: 
US Customers  $16.00 CM44-737-NG

International Customers $16.00 CM44-737-NG-INTL

1:144 Scale C-5M Engines

Part Numbers:

US Customers $30.00 CM44-C5-M-ENG  

International Customers $30.00 CM44-C5-M-ENG–INTL

1:144 Scale C-5A/B Galaxy Engines

These engines are drop in replacements for the kit engines;
on the Otaki / Revell / Testors 1/144 scale C-5 kit, and depict
the correct fan arrangement and engine cowl.

Part Numbers:

US Customers $30.00 CM44-C5ENG  

International Customer $30.00 CM44-C5ENG –INTL  

1:200 Scale 747 Rolls Royce Engines

Part Number:

US Customers $16.00 CM20-747-4RR

International Customers $16.00 CM20-747-4RR-INTL

1:200 Scale 747 Classic Rolls Royce Engines

art Number:

US Customers $16.00  CM20-747-CLASSIC

International Customers $16.00 CM20-747-CLASSIC-INTL

1:200 Scale 747 Pratt & Whitney Engines

Part Number:

US Customers $16.00 CM20-747PW

International Customers $16.00 CM20-747PW-INTL

1:200 Scale DC-8 70/72/73 Engines                         

Part Number:

US Customers $16.00

International Customers $16.00CM20-DC8-7S

1:144 JT8D-219 Engines

Part Number:
US Customers $25.00 CM44-JT8D

International Customers  $25.00 CM44-JT8D-INTL


These engines are designed to replace the 1/144 AIRFIX OR REVELL DC-10 ENGINES.

Included in the set is a # 2 position fan hot section and nozzle 2 wing engines 2 hot sections and a choice of nozzles to make either a CF6-6 with the old cascade hot section reverser or the spike nozzle for the later CF6-6 or CF6-50.


US Customers $25.00 CM44-DC10E

International Customers  $25.00 CM44-DC10E-INTL











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